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Once upon a time there was a smith. "Well now," says he, "I've never set eyes on any harm. They say there's evil in the world. I'll go and seek me out evil." So he went and had a goodish drink, and then started in search of evil. On the way he met a tailor.


Well, they walked and walked till they reached a dark, dense forest. In it they found a small path, and along it they went--along the narrow path. They walked and walked along the path, and at last they saw a large cottage standing before them. It was night; there was nowhere else to go to.

Presently in came a tall woman, lank, crooked, with only one eye.

Recorded in the Nizhnedevitsk district of the Voronezh province by N.I. Vtorov



Folk Horror

One-Eyed Likho is a first-person folk horror game steeped in Slavic folklore.


In One-Eyed Likho, players must outwit the malevolent Likho by navigating shadowy landscapes and solving intricate fire-based puzzles. Drawing inspiration from ancient Slavic tales, the game blends conventional horror with authentic folklore to create a uniquely eerie and immersive experience.



The musical score for "One-Eyed Likho" has been crafted by the talented Mikhail Shvachko, who returns with a masterful fusion of traditional and synthesized tunes. This unique blend culminates in a soundscape that amplifies the game's eerie and mysterious ambiance, further immersing players into its chilling narrative.

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